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Calais - Le Touquet - Calais

From Calais Ferry Port head towards A16 & A26 motorways - Follow A16 west (Channel Tunnel/Marquise) - Exit @ Jct.14 (Bieriot-Plage) - Follow road over 1st R/B then take left exit @ next R/B onto D940 - Follow D940 to Boulogne-S-Mer - Turn right onto the bridge over river - Exit next R/B left to Le Touquet N1/D940 - Turn left towards Le Touquet on D940 - At D940/N39 Jct. turn left towards Le Touquet - Follow N39 to Le Touquet - At Large R/B take 4th exit (Pl. de L'Hermibge) - Follow road down to sea front (Narrow 1 way streets - Caution ~ pedestrians.) - @ T-Jct. turn Left then 2nd left towards Car Park. - From Car Park turn right then 1st left - Go across Xroads - Follow road away from coast (Narrow road) cross 5 Xroads then 90° bend - @ T-Jct turn left - @ next Jct. turn right - @ R/B take exit to Etaples/Montreuil N39 - @ Attin N39/N1/D126 Jct. turn right onto N1 to Boulogne - Turn 1st right (Narrow country road) onto D127 (Inxent/Beussent/Desyres) - Follow D127 to Desyres - @ T-Jct. turn left up hill then 1st right @ T-Jct turn left - Follow road across next X roads then 2nd left (very narrow) @ T-Jct. turn left onto D127 - Follow D127 to N42 Jct. - Cross N42 & back onto D127 - @ D127 fork Jct. turn right - Cross D191 Jct. towards Boeucres & Fiennes - @ Guines cross D231 Xroads then keep left heading north towards Calais - Follow D127 to A16 Jct15 - Take A16 east - Exit @ Jct18 - Follow signs for 'Car Ferry' (keeping left) - Follow motorway into Ferry Terminal.

Rendevous - Paris [1976]

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Paris 2 The Midnight Sun

My Midnight Run Tour Guide
The linked page contains details collected from various web site and Maps of the route.

Germany's - Romantische Strasse (Romantic Road)

Würzburg - Weikersheim - Creglingen - Rothenburg - Dinkelsbühl - Nördlingen - Augsburg - Landsburg - Pfaffenwinkel - Schwangon - Fussen

German - Castles Road

Apart from her famous autobahnen Germany boasts some eighty theme highways. The most heralded is the 300-km (180-mile) Romantic Road (Romantischestraße) which runs through the the propinquity of Bavarian villages between Wurzburg and Füßen. Others include the Fairy Tale Road (Märchenstraße) between Frankfurt and Hannover, and the Castle Road (Schloßstraße) between Heidelberg and Nürnburg. These routes are well marked, with info available at each town along the way.

The Italian Job

The Start of the film was recorded on the road from Martigny, Switzerland to Aosta, the route the car a Lamborghini Miura takes, is the old road over the Gran San Bernardo Pass. The film was edited so that the car then enters the Tunnel Du Grand-St.Bernard on the Italian border. The Amalfi coast road is where final scenes with the Coach and Mini Coopers was recorded. The road of 322 corners.

The Racetrack the Mini's end up on, is the top of the famous FIAT factory in Turin.

Mille Miglia

The famous 1000 mile race around Italy

Passeo della Stelvio

The Passeo della Stelvio considered to be one of the best in Europe - a 15-mile long spaghetti trail
No place for the weak of heart or a novice!


Splugen Pass - The Rollercoaster Ride.

Tip: Start from the Italian side

Lysebotn Road, Norway

The first 20 miles is packed with tight corners and reverse camber bends. finishing with 27-hairpins dropping 1,000 metres in to a 340 degrees tunnel into the town of Lysebotn (near Kjerag & BaseJumping Heaven). The road is closed during winter between October until May
https://youtu.be/Y5i4qqNzljg - to the Eagles nest
https://youtu.be/I7qZ-H16SvM - Eagles Nest to Lysebotn
https://youtu.be/kyt9yqhbBTw - Lysebotn to Eagles Nest

Suleskard onto Fv986 - Fv500 to Lysebotn

Grossglockner Mountain Climb

Grossglockner Mountain Climb Course  (12.7miles) is in Austria near the Italian border. some of the hairpins still have their original paving stones.<;
Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse route - toll

Route 66

https://roadtripusa.com/route-66/ Adams St. in Chicago marks the start of Route 66

Route 318

Location of The Silver State Classic Challenge, an authorized Open Road Racing event that is run on a 90 mi (140 km) stretch of State Route 318 in Nevada. Section of road used is from Marker 'WP-9.61' to ''LN-7.57'
(Start: N38.49.900 W115.00.652) -- (Finish: N37.37.700 W115.13.179)

Drivers have a Target Speed - Required Average, Tech Speed - Max Speed.
Touring = 95, 100, 105, 110 mph -- Tech 124 mph -- Min = 80 mph
Grand Touring = 115, 120, 125 mph -- Tech 140 mph -- Min = 110 mph
Grand Sport = 130, 135, 140, 145, 150 -- Tech 165 mph -- Min 135 mph
Super Sport = 160, 170 mph -- Tech 180 mph -- Min 150 mph
Super Sport = 180 -- Tech 180+ -- Min 150 mph
Unlimited = Unlimited -- Tech 180+ mph -- Min 150 mph

The Cannonball Run

Midtown Manhattan (Red Ball Garage between Lexington and Third Avenues) to Redondo Beach (Portofino Hotel) - the classic route first taken in the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash of the 1970s - Record to Beat is 28 hours 50 minutes

Route = Midtown Manhattan - New Jersey - Pennsylvania - Ohio - Indiana - California - Redondo Beach (Portofino Hotel)

Cannonball Route = 2,813.7 miles

The Gumball Rally

The Gumball Rally - www.gumball3000.com 

Live in USA or going on a USA trip then check out -     

Great Miata Drives

The Snake Run - 250 miles

GA 60 from Dahlonega to Suches, GA 180 from Suches to US 19/129, US 129 South to Alt 75, Alt 75 North to GA 348 (Richard Russell Scenic Highway), GA 348 to GA 180, GA 180 to GA 180 Spur (Brasstown Bald), GA 180 from Brasstown Bald to GA 17/75, GA 17/75 South to Helen.

Mille Miglia

The famous 1000 mile race around Italy

Mille Miglia

The famous 1000 mile race around Italy