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Details of the Best UK Drives, Routes & Roads.

Start @ Hemel Hempstead ~ Finish @ Ashridge Monument. (???miles - See 'Challenge' below.)
The 3 Counties Cannonball Run
1st Petrol Station off M1-J8 towards Hemel @ RB:A4147(L) - 2nd RB:A5183(L) - RB:A5183(R) - RB:A5183(S) - 1st Right - over Xroads - Right @ Tjct. - Right at Tjct:A1081 - 2nd Left towards East Hyde - Left at Tjct:B653 - Over next Xroads - 1st Left to Someries Castle - Right @ Tjct. - Left @ Tjct. - 3rd Right towards Breachwood Green - 1st Right (Diamond End Hairpin) - Left @ Tjct. - Follow road through Bendish @ Tjct. Left towards Lilley - over offset Xroads - Right just before A505 bridge - Over Xroads @ Great Offley - Join A505 - 1st Left to Offley Bottom - Left @ Tjct:B655 - Left @ Hexton Xroads towards Streatley - 1st Right - Over RB to Streatley - Left @ Tjct. - Down Hill - Left @ Tjct. towards Harlington - At a 90° RH Bend take Left exit (narrow road) - Left @ Tjct. - Up Hill - Just before Upper Sundon turn Left - Right @ Angled Tjct. - Follow road to Tjct. - Left @ Tjct. - Right onto B530 to M1-J12 - Right @ Tjct:A5120 - Over motorway - 1st Left towards Woburn - Left @ Jct. - Left @ Tjct. - Follow road to Woburn - Through Deer Park - Left @ Tjct:A4012 - Left @ Tjct:A5 - Right @ next RB:A505 - Left @ 3rd RB:B488 - After sharp R then L at Horton Right to Cheddington - Over bridge - Over 2 Xroads - After LH Bend Right to Puttenham - Over bridge - Over Xroads - Right @ Jct to A41 RB - Right at RB:A41 towards Aston Clinton - 1st Left:B4009 - 1st Left to Wendover Woods - 1st Right before St.Leonards - Right @ Tjct. - Down hill - Right @ Tjct. - Right @ Tjct:B4009 - Past Military Camp then Right @ B489 - Left @ Tjct:A41 - Right @ RB:B489 - Follow B489 to Ivinghoe - B489 towards Dunstable - Right @ 5th RB:B4541 - Over Dunstable Downs - Right @ Xroads:B4540 to Whipsnade - Left @ Tjct:B4506 to Dagnall - Follow B4506 then turn Right into Ashridge Monument.

Midnight Run alterations - 'Follow road to Woburn - Through Deer Park - Left @ Tjct:A4012' - is now... Next Right to Ridgmont - under M1 - Left @ Tjct onto A507 - Follow A4012 through Woburn - 
& - 'Right @ Xroads:B4540 to Whipsnade - Left @ Tjct:B4506 to Dagnall' - is now... Over @ Xroads: to Studham - Left @ 2nd Xroads: to Dagnall - Left @ Tjct:B4506 through Dagnall - 

The Challenge - Complete the route in 2½. . .2¾hrs.???
Without breaking the speed limit

Rules:- Set Trip to '000.0' @ 1st petrol station from M1-J8
Record the Date & Time of run. 
Record the Time & Distance @ Finish.
Send me your final time & distance -
Cannonball Challenge.

If you can you complete the above route in 2½. . .2¾hrs. Let me know - WebEd.

Start @ Aston Hill ~ Finish @ Aston Hill
Aston Hill - " Figure of 8's "
B489 - Up hill 2 T-Jct - Turn Right on to A4011 - Left at Aston Hill turn (Signed to Wendover Woods) - Right @ sign for The Hale - Right at T-Jct. - Right @ Junction to Wendover - Through Halton - Right at Aston Hill turn (Signed to Wendover Woods) - past The Hale turn heading to St. Leonards - Take next Left - Left @ T-Jct. towards Radio Mast - Down through The Crong - Keep Left towards Aston Clinton - Left @ T-Jct. onto A4011 -  Left at Aston Hill turn (Signed to Wendover Woods) - past The Hale turn heading to St. Leonards - Turn Right at T-Jct. - Follow towards The Hale - Past a Left Jct. - Right towards St. Leonards - Left @ T-Jct. Towards Wendover Woods - Down Aston Hill - Right on to A4011 - Left @ B489 Jct. 

See my Aston Hill Page for more details
the History behind the hill.

Start @ Dunstable ~ Finish @ Newbury
B489 - B4009
Start @ Harpenden ~ Finish @ Anglesey Abbey
Anglesey Abbey Drive
A1081 to Harpenden - Right through Harpenden - Left on B653 - Right on B652 to Kimpton - Left on B651 through Whitwell & St Paul's Walden @ B656 turn Left towards Hitchin - Through Hitchin onto A505 - Follow through Letchworth (Warning: 5 Speed Cameras) to Baldock @ small R/B take A507(R) to Buntingford - Over A10 R/B into Buntingford - Left on B1038 to Newport - @ Newport turn Right onto B1383 - Left onto B1351 just before Stansted Mountfitchet - Take B1051 through Elsenham to Left onto B184 to Thaxted - Stay on B184 to Great Dunmow - Left onto B1057 to Great Bardfield & Finchingfield - Stop @ Red Lion Inn for refreshing drink or Lunch ??? (6 Church Hill) - Back down hill - Right onto B1057 towards Haverhill - @ Steeple Bumpstead follow B1057 and take narrow road to Sturmer - Left then 1st right on to B1061 - Right onto A143 then 1st Left back on B1061 - Follow until Tjct. - Right towards Dullingham - Left @ Xroads to Swaffham Bulbeck - Follow road round to Left - Right @ Tjct - Take road to Left towards Lode - Anglesey Abbey on L/H side. 

Start @ Ashridge Monument ~ Finish @ Waddsedon Manor (98miles)
Mid-Beds Scenic Run
Left out of Ashridge Monument onto B4506 - Over R/B @ Dagnall - Over next R/B to Eaton Bray - Left @ turn to Billington - Right @ Tjct - X off-set Jct (L then R) to Stanbridge - Right to Stanbridge - Keep Left towards Eggington @ A4012 turn Right towards Hockliffe - X A5 - followA4012 to Woburn - Turn Right on A4012 to Ridgmont - Follow A507 to Ampthill - Turn Right onto B530 - @ Ampthill X double R/B towards Maulden - Turn Left @ Maulden to Haynes West End - Through Haynes West End turn Right - X A6 to Haynes - On approach to Haynes turn Right towards A600 - X A600 to Ireland - Keep Left towards Southill - Turn Left past Southill - towards Old Warden - Turn Right through Old Warden - Turn Left to Ickwell - Northill - Thorncote Green - Hatch - @ Tjct turn Left to Sandy - Right onto A603 - X A1(T) - B1042 to Potton - Follow B1040 through Potton - Turn Right before Church to Wrestlingworth - Follow B1042 towards Guilden Morden - @ Xroads turn Right - Through Eyeworth & Dunton - @ R/B turn Right to Sutton - Turn Left @ Xroads - Through Sutton - X Ford - @ Xroads turn Left - Through Biggleswade to A6001 - Turn Right onto A6001 - Follow A6001  @ Tjct turn Right(South) - Under A1(T) - Turn Left to Holme - Through Broom - @ Xroads turn Right to Stanford on B658 - Turn Left to Shefford - Turn Right Through Shefford towards Amptill - Turn Left @ A507 R/B then Right to Campton - @ Tjct turn Right to Upper Gravenhurst - @ Tjct turn Right to Lower Gravenhurst - Turn Right @ Hanscombe End towards Higham Gobion & Barton - @ R/B turn Left onto B655 - Turn Right to Sharpenhoe and Harlington - Just before Harlington turn Left(Single Lane Road) - @ Tjct turn Right - @ Xroads turn Right over railway - Turn Right @ A5120 Tjct  - Take next Left to Wood End & Woburn - Follow road to Woburn - Through Deer Park - X A4012 - Turn towards Little Brickhill - Left @ Tjct - Over A5 - Right at R/B - Left in middle of Little Brickhill - Through Great Brickhill - X A4146 - @ Soulbury turn Right on B4032 to Stewkley - Turn Left towards Wing - Turn Right towards Dunton and Whitchurch - @ A413 Tjct turn Right to Whitchurch - @Whitchurch turn Right to Waddesdon - A41 Xroads turn Right to Waddesdon then Left into Manor.

Start @ Banbury Cross ~ Finish @ Banbury Cross (51 miles)
The East Cotswold Drive

Banbury Cross - B4100 - Left @ Adderbury on B4100 to Aynho - Over M40 then Right onto B4031 - Through Deddington to Chipping Norton (Xing the A4260) - Left at A361 -Left on to B4022 to Enstone - Left to visit Great Tew and Lunch at the Falklands Arms - Back to B4022 - Left to Enstone - Xing the B4030 and then A44 - Right on road to Taston, Spelsbury and Chadlington. Left rthen Right @ Jct with B4026 @ Spelsbury to reach Chgadlington - right in centre of Village to Churchill & Chipping Norton - Left @ next Jct to Churchill. Left onto A361 then Right into Churchill - Right onto B4450 Left to Cornwell - Left at next Jct. towards Adlestrop. Right @ Xrds to Chastleton - Right @ Xrds to Rollright - Right when lane meets A44 - Left (first Left) @ Cross Hands Inn - Rollright Stones - Over A3400 to Hook Norton - (Farm shop for tea on left) - Right @ Jct to Great Rollright - Over Xrds into Hook Norton - Through Village - Left @ Xrds to Tadmarton - Over next Xrds - Right @ next Jct. - Right on B4035 towards Broughton - Follow signs to Banbury - Left at Banbury Cross.
Start @ ? ~ Finish @ ?
The Oxfordshire Wool & Stone Drive

Start @ ? ~ Finish @ ?
The Vale of the White Horse Run.

Start @ Thame ~ Finish @ Cuddington
Oxfordshire Cycleway Drive. 

From Thame Market Place - B4445 - Turn Right to Sydenham - Turn Left to Kingston Blount - Over A40 & M40 to Christmas Common - Northend - Turville Heath - Stonor - B480 South to Middle Assendon - Turn Right towards Bix - Over A4130 - Right @ T-Jct. towards Greys Green -  Right @ Jct. B481 to Highmoor Cross - Turn Left to Stoke Row - Left to Checkendon - OverA4074 @ Xroads to Woodcote - Turn Left on B471 to Creys Pond - Right onto B4526 to Goring - B4009 North to South Stoke - Left @ A4074 to Crownmarsh Gifford - Left to Wallingford - onto A4130 - Right towards Appleford - Take 2nd Right - Then Next Left - Onto B4018 - Appleford - Sutton Courtney - Drayton - Left onto B4017 to Steventon - Over A34 - Turn Right @ Steventon to East Hanney - Cross A338 to West Hanney - Denchworth - Grove - South to Wantage - Follow B4507 to Uffington - Past Kingston Lisle Turn - Next Right to Uffington - Fernham - Left onto B4508 - Right to Little Coxwell - Left @ A420 - Right to Great Coxwell - Left onto B4019 to Coleshill - Turn Right into 'Schools Lane' - Left onto the A417 North to Lechlade - Left to Kelmscott = @ Xroads to Kelmscott turn Left - Left @ T-Jct. to Langford - Turn Right to Broadwell - Turn Right @ Kencott - Next Left - Nextr Left to Shilton - X B4020 - Left onto A40 - Next Right to SWinbrook - X B4437 to Shipton-under-Wychwood - Turn Left into 'Upper End' - Left onto A361 - First Right - 3rd Right to Breurn Abbey - Keep Left to B4450 - Turn Left towards Bedington - Turn Right to Kingham - Right @ T-Jct. to Cornham - @ Cornwell turn Left toward A436 and Rollright Stones - Turn Right onto A44 then Next Left to Rollright Stones - X A3400 - T-Jct. turn Right towards Hook Norton - Turn Right to Sibford Gower - Left onto B4035 - Right Towards Epwell - Next Left - T-Jct. turn Right - At Xroads turn Right towards Shenington - Next Left - Through Shenington - Turn Right @ A422 Jct. - Left to Hornton - RIght @ T-Jct. to Horley - Wroxton - Right onto A422 - Left to North Newington - Right to Broughton - Right onto B4035 - Lelf to Bloxham - At A431 turn Left then Right to Barford St. John - B4031 Hempton Jct. - X to Duns Tew - Over A4260 to North Aston - Past Somerton to Upper Heyford - Left then Next Right to Kirklington  - Bletchingdon - Over A34 to Islip on B4027 - Left to Oddington - Fenccott - Murcott - by M40 brige turn Right to Horton-cum Studley - Left @ T-Jct. - Right @ T-Jct. - Left @ T-Jct. to Worminghall - (A418 to  Thame Completes the Loop) - Turn Right to Ickford - Turn Right to Tiddington - Turn Right  onto A418 to Wheatley - First Left to Great Milton - Under Bridge - Take Next Right - Next Right - Follow road to village Turn Left for the Bat & Ball Pub.


Start @ ??? ~ Finish @ ???
Oxfordshire Cruise. 

Start @ ??? ~ Finish @ ???
The Cotswolds Explorer. 

Start @ ??? ~ Finish @ ???
The (Autoroute2000) Chiltern Hills 100. 

Start @ Knebworth House ~ Finish @ Knebworth House
3 Counties X-Over.

Start @ ??? ~ Finish @ ???
Wacky Races 5 Stage Rally.

Start @ ??? ~ Finish @ ???
Around Britain Drive.
 For anyone who wants the ultimate British driving holiday. The route follows the roads around the coast of the British Isles. This drive was completed by members of the MX-5 Owners Club in June 2000. Route distance is over 3600 miles should take 14 days with an average daily drive of 250 miles. Follow the Around Britain Link for the Full Route Details. (Text and Autoroute2000 versions)
Start @ Ben Nevis ~ Finish @ Snowdon
The 3 Peaks Challenge.
The challenge - To climb the 3 highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales. 
Starting at the foot of Ben Nevis (Scotland) - Climb Ben Nevis - Drive to Scafell Pike (Lake District) - Climb Scafell Pike - Drive to Snowdon (Wales) - Climb Snowdon all within 24hrs...

See my 3 Peaks Challenge Page for more details.


Start @ ??? ~ Finish @ ???


Start @ Thwaite ~ Finish @ High Shaw
aka:  Buttertubs Path - North Yorkshire (as seen on TV - J.Clarksons Car Years)
between Swaledale and Wensleydale


Don't forget to visit the Events Photo Diary for more routes


Red Kites and Reservoirs Route (March 17th 2002)

The route

·         Meet at Swansea West Services M4 junction 47

·         East on M4 leave at Junction 46, take 3rd exit (A48).

·         Immediately left at min-roundabout signed Hospital

·         After next mini-roundabout take left turn signed Craig Cefn Parc and Felindre.

·         Follow road over Mynydd-y-Gwair to Ammanford (13 miles)

·         In Ammanford at T junction turn right and continue to Gwaen-cae-Gurwen (4 miles).

·         At Gwaen-cae-Gurwen, turn left on A4069 to Brynamman and continue over Black Mountain following signs to Llangadog (18 miles)

Best view point is second car park on right at top of mountain, 23.5 miles from start.

·         At Llangadog turn right on A4069 signed Llandovery.

·         At Llandovery turn right after war memorial into castle car park.

Market Square for lunch at Castle Hotel (7 miles)

·         Turn left out of car park and follow brown tourist signs to Llyn Brianne (right and left turns).

·         Carry on for approximately 12 miles to RSPB sanctuary at Dinas, turn left into car park (12 miles)

·         Left out of car park and carry on for 2 miles to Llyn Brianne reservoir turning left into car park at 2nd sign post for WC (2 miles)

·         Turn right out of car park and continue for 3.4 miles before turning right and crossing river bridge.

·         Turn right again in front of Towy Bridge Inn continuing on unclassified road to Pumsaint via Llandre and Dolaucothi (13 miles)

Some of this road is single track with passing places

·         AT Pumsaint turn left on A482 and in 1.5 miles turn right on to B4302 signed Talley continuing to junction with A40 (14 miles)

·         Turn right on to A40 then bear left at roundabout on A483 through Llandeilo to Ffairfach, turning right on A476 signed Llanelli, to Cross Hands (9 miles)

·         At roundabout turn left to Pont Abraham services (5 miles)




Routes/Drives found on the Web....

Evo Triangle - North Wales
. https://goo.gl/maps/OoF23

Oopnurthring - Peak District
The "Oopnurthring" route is a name which has come from a very popular car club. This name derives from the famous Nurburgring. The route will take you along the Woodhead Pass. B6105 / A6204 / B6106 / A616 / A6102 / A57 54 Miles Aprox 1 hour 30 min https://goo.gl/maps/fRnwu

Heart of Kent Country Tour
Pick up the brown sign at the crossroads. Clockwise route as follows: Horsmonden, Brenchley, Paddock Wood, East Peckham, Plaxtol, Platt, Offham, West Malling, Wateringbury, Yalding, Collier Street, Staplehurst, Curtisden Green, Horsmonden.

High Weald Country Tour 
Drive to Goudhurst and take the A262 to Biddenden. Clockwise route as follows: Goudhurst, Sissinghurst, Biddenden, Tenterden, Rolvenden, Benenden, Hawkhurst, Flimwell, Lamberhurst, Bells Yew Green, Tunbridge Wells, Rusthall, Leigh, Tonbridge, Pembury. Return to Horsmonden via B2162 or return to Goudhurst.

A Lap of the TT Circuit

The TT Mountain circuit is 37.73 miles long and twists its way around the Isle of Man. 

The start is on Glencrutchery Road. Head for the awesome Bray Hill. Down the hill and up through the other side over the infamous Ago's Leap and head past the 1 mile marker down to Quarter Bridge. This is a roundabout and is often quite slippery. From Quarter Bridge down a short straight to Braddan Bridge, a tricky S bend with Braddan Church on the left of the exit. Head towards Union Mills, some three miles from the start. Down through Union Mills, past the garage on the left and then up the hill and away to Glen Vine. Enter Glen Vine through the fast right hand bend called Ballagarey, and down the hill through the village and up the other side with the Crosby pub on their right and a little further on the Waggon and Horses pub on the left. Then it's downhill and through the Highlander, once thought of as the quickest part of the circuit. Now down through Greeba Castle and Greeba Bridge to the Hawthorn and on through to Ballacraine, about 7.5 miles from the start. Now turn right and head onto the Glen Helen section of the course. Through Ballig Bridge, Doran's Bend, Laurel Bank, the Black Dub and finally to Glen Helen itself before climbing up Creg Willies Hill to Sarah's Cottage and Lamb Fell. Now the long fast Cronk-y-Voddy straight and the 11th Milestone slow for Handleys Corner, a fairly quick 'S' bend. From here head on to Barregarrow Crossroads and then down the hill to the Bottom of Barregarrow. Now slightly uphill again to the 13th Milestone before the straight into Kirk Michael. Enter Kirk Michael at Douglas Road Corner (where in the first TT in 1907 riders turned left and headed back to Peel). The main street in Kirk Michael is quite narrow with the front doors of the houses barely 3ft from the kerbs in places. The exit of Kirk Michael takes you through Rhencullen, Birkins Bends, Bishopscourt and Alpine Cottage, before heading into the village of Ballaugh. Ballaugh is the home of Ballaugh Bridge, a famous humpback bridge. From Ballaugh it's on through Ballacrye to Quarry Bends (with the Wild Life Park on the left) and then on to the Sulby Straight. Pass the Sulby Glen Hotel on the left, at the top of the straight you have just past the half way mark on the lap. At the end of Sulby Straight, brake hard for the Sulby Bridge a slow right hand bend and then its up to Ginger Hall and on towards Ramsey. On the way pass through Kerrowmoar, Glen Duff, Glen Tramman, Churchtown, Pinfold Cottage, before entering Ramsey through the fast sweeping bend at Gardeners Lane. Now down the straight to Schoolhouse Corner and on to Parliament Square a fairly slow 'S' bend. After Parliament Square the charge is really on over the mountain. The walls and trees which have lined the course most of the way, now give way to more open spaces and fences. Head up to Cruickshanks, an 80mph up hill right hander, where you could say the mountain climb begins. Then go on through Whitgates and Stella Maris to Ramsey Hairpin where the real climb begins. Now head on through the Waterworks and Tower Bends too the Gooseneck and then on to the 26th Milestone and finally Guthries Memorial. The road still rises slightly as you  go up the Mountain Mile and through the East Mountain Gate, Georges Folly, The Black Hut, the Verandah, Bungalow Bridge, The Bungalow , Hailwoods Rise and Hailwoods Heights which is the highest point on the course. Now at Brandywell the start of the discent of the mountain. Down through the 32nd Milestone and Windy Corner (named because no matter what the weather there is always a wind blowing), and then down through the 33rd to Keppel Gate, Kates Cottage and Creg-ny-Baa. Now it's on down what is probably the fastest part of the course to Brandish Corner and on down to Hillbery, before rising up through Cronk-ny-Mona to Signpost Corner. Down hill again through Bedstead Corner, the Nook, past the Governors Residence on the left to Governors Bridge, a tricky Hairpin. Now the end is in site as you exit Governors Dip and head out onto Glencrutchery Road to the finish of the lap. 

Information - The absolute course records stands at 18 minutes 11.4 seconds, 124.45mph on an RC45 Honda, from a standing start.


Jct = Junction
Tjct = T Junction
RB or R/B = Roundabout
X = cross / cross over
@ - at
RB:A4147(L) = at roundabout take Left exit and take A4147
(L) = Left   (R) = Right   (N) = North   (S) = South   etc..
Right at Tjct:A1081 - Turn right at T junction with A1081
Xroads = cross roads
'London Road' = Actual road name