Aston Hill - Aston Clinton 

Aston Hill - Hillclimb

Before 1923 when Hillclimbs on the public highway were allowed the Event held at Aston Hill became a classic over the 20 years of its existence.

The original start-line was 20 yds from the junction of the now A4011 
The finish-line level with the house at the top of the hill. ?
The original Course length was 3/4 mile in length which was later reduced to 1000 yds.



Climb/Course Records

3/4 mile - climb record was 87.6seconds in a 1904 Napier driven by S.F. Edge (builder of Brooklands track)

1000yds -   the course record was 58.6 seconds in a 20hp Crossley.

Aston Clinton - Aston Hill. ?
not sure of exact location.

Aston Martin, never organised races on the hill, but they certainly raced their cars there...

   Lionel Martin's first hill climb in an 'Aston' prototype in 1914

from -


The Aston Martin Monument


The Origin of Aston Martin

from1904 to 1925
Aston hill, part of the Lord Rothschild's Estate,
was a renowned motoring venue

Lionel Martin made his first ascent of this hill
in a tuned Singer Car on 4th, April, 1914.
Shortly afterwards, on the 16th. May, at the
Herts County Automobile & Aero Club meeting
          he was so successful, that the sporting light car          
first registered in his name in March 1915,
was called an "ASTON-MARTIN".

it was the start of a legend
in the history of the automobile.

This plaque was placed hear
by the Aston Martin Owners Club
Aston Martin Lagonda Limited.


The Hill Course - Photo's


Finish Line      Finish Line

        Approach to the 1000yds Finish Line    

                       Through Corner 3

   Straight 2 to Corner 3

   Exit of Corner 2

   Straight 1 - leading to Corner 2     

Approach to Corner 1  





0.1 mile =  176yds
0.2 mile =  352yds
0.3 mile =  528yds
0.4 mile =  704yds
0.5 mile =  880yds
0.6 mile = 1056yds
0.7 mile = 1232yds
0.8 mile = 1408yds
0.9 mile = 1584yds
1.0 mile = 1760yds

 10yds = 0.005681 mile
 20yds = 0.011362 mile
 30yds = 0.017043 mile
 40yds = 0.022724 mile
 50yds = 0.028405 mile
 60yds = 0.034086 mile
 70yds = 0.039767 mile
 80yds = 0.045448 mile
 90yds = 0.051129 mile
100yds = 0.056810 mile

1000yds = 0.56810 mile




Some Locations

Shelsey Walsh (Worcestershire)

Gurston Down Hillclimb (Wiltshire)

Prescott Speed Hillclimb (Gloucestershire)

Hillclimb Course

Wiscombe Park (Devon) 

Harewood Speed Hillclimb (Sheffield)

Loton Park - Alberbury near Shrewsbury. 

Brookland Circuit (London) 


Millbrook - Hill Circuit

Hill Climbing Safety Info....
Hillclimbing is on twisty paved up-hill sections of single lane roads (usually on private property) NOT usually on purpose-built tracks with car friendly gravel run-off areas.

The courses are often challenging, unforgiving, and require quick reflexes and excellent machine handling skills. 

Before you participate in a hillclimb think about what would happen if you crash your car during the event. Can you afford to write your vehicle off?




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